The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

About the Educational centre

Design and implementation of educational programmes of continuing professional education, occupational retraining and advanced training for the pharmaceutical industry specialists.

State License No 036899 on Educational activities gives the right to conduct educational programmes on additional professional education/retraining. See the license

The aim –  to form the sectoral system of advanced training for the pharmaceutical industry specialists in Russian Federation.

Educational Centre objectives

  • Organising and implementing training activities on the requirements of the Rules of Good Practices for the pharmaceutical industry specialists.
  • Design of educational programmes for advanced training for various categories of specialists in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Informational support of companies for successful implementation and development of the Rules of Good Practices by the company’s personnel in the field of development and technology transfer, registration of medicines, manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Engineering Services, and the storage and distribution of medicines in the territory of Russian Federation and EAEU, as well as in other countries.

Our advantages

  • An effective system of quality management of the educational process.
  • High quality educational programmes.
  • Design and implementation of strategies, creation of individual development programs for employees.
  • Lecturers – leading industry experts.

We are convinced that highly qualified personnel are an attractive resource and the success of the modern company.


Organisational-functional scheme of the Educational Centre is based on the following basic provisions:

  • for each GxP a department were created in the structure of which there are an educational department and R&D laboratory;
  • the results of R&D are translated into the educational process of the corresponding department;
  • methodological department carries out a comparative analysis of the presented curriculum for compliance with the requirements of the professional standard;
  • methodological department checks the presented curriculum for the possibility of mastering the skills and abilities stated in the programmes, as well as improving the existing and acquiring new competencies.

Local acts regulating the activities of the Educational Centre for Good Practices.

The provision of the Educational Centre for good practices, model provisions on the educational department and R&D laboratory.