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Analysis of the competitive environment and guidelines for the company’s products promotion strategy

The competitive environment analysis is the starting point for developing a company’s strategic plan.

The Industry Analytics Centre will assist you in:

  • Ascertaining real competitors and making a comprehensive examination of those by particular parameters (Market capacity, sales dynamics, market shares, price analysis, trends, segments, etc.)
  • Analyzing your own company by similar parameters.
  • Devising a company’s market positioning strategy based on the strengths and weaknesses identified.

An adequate and in-depth analysis is an extensive and trustworthy database that provides the ground for setting an efficient and client-oriented strategy for all of your company’s focus areas.

Competitive environment analysis parameters

  • Sales dynamics
  • Market capacity
  • Market shares
  • Price analysis
  • Segments
  • Trends
  • Planning

The Industry Analytics Centre is ready to deliver a full-fledged competitive analysis and prepare an analytical report with recommendations for your company’s products promotion.