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Principles of interaction with media

Press office of FSI «SID & GP» is an informational and analytical division that liaises with the media by way of issuing press releases, organizing press conferences, interviews, enquiries and telephone or internet consultations. Press office, implementing the decision of organizational and tactical tasks, has the exclusive right for disseminating official statements and releases of FSI SID and GP in media, and for liaison activities with the media.

Principles of interaction with the media

Press office of FSI «SID & GP» is a division that is open for communications, aiming to provide you with the widest range of cooperation in getting interesting commentaries and latest information regarding the development of Russia’s pharmaceutical sector, the current state of drugs, which are circulated in the Russian market, medical devices and inspection results. For comfortable and professional work, including at the events organized by FSI SID and GP or at the events where we invite you as part of an official delegation, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the information with regards to submitting questions to receive materials and commentaries from SID and GP and rules of accreditation. We look forward to a fruitful and long-term cooperation. We hope for fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Press office of FSI «SID & GP»

  1. Availability and openness of the management and employees of FSI «SID & GP» for media;
  2. Swiftness in providing information, timeliness of covering significant events;
  3. Providing information that has public importance and scientific and practical significance;
  4. Assistance to journalists in preparing material, providing exclusive information on the events that have public importance and scientific and practical significance.
  1. For those media that is not accredited by FSI «SID & GP», media enquiries are issued on the editorial letterhead, signed by a responsible director (chief editor, features editor). For those who already has a media accreditation, media enquiries are sent in the «body» of an e-mail, indicating the subject «Media enquiry»
  2. The enquiry must contain:
    • Main topic (subject of the question);
    • Reference to the source of information on the subject question (Media, news agencies, authorized representatives of government organizations, public association, etc.);
    • List of questions;
    • In case of a prior agreement, the name of the section and employee of FSI SID and GP is mentioned – for answers to the enquiries or for organizing an interview;
    • Contact details of editorial and correspondent;
    • Deadline for providing information;
    • Enquiries are accepted by e-mail: pr@gilsinp.ru
  3. Answers to enquiries are provided within 7 days (in accordance with the Russian law «On the mass media», article 40), unless the enquiry has a deadline.
  1. Accreditation is conducted at a strictly given time (exceptions are only applicable for television companies and international news agencies);
  2. During accreditation, details of correspondents must be provided, including contact telephone and e-mail and all employees of camera crew;
  3. For representatives of TV channels, quantity of technical equipment and camera serial numbers must be specified.
The official branding of FSI «SID & GP» of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, including logo, without prior approval from the management of the section of external communications or press office. For getting an approval of the items, they are sent no less than 7 days prior to publishing them in open sources, including information and telecommunication network «Internet», for approval at pr@gilsinp.ru.
  1. It is not permitted to make any changes in the official quotes, enquiries or greetings of the representatives of FSI SID and GP without getting prior authorisation from the management of the Section for external communications or press service.
  2. It is not permitted to treat or interpret the quotes of the representatives of FSI «SID & GP» that would lead to a distortion of the original meaning of the phrase.
  3. In case of absence in the mass media of the official photo from the event where the representatives of FSI «SID & GP» were present, or because of a low-quality photo material, it is recommended to use the official photos of the management of FSI «SID & GP» which are on the official website in the appropriate section «Press-center»; or request a photo from Press-service.