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Codex of Inspector

Right and Duty of Inspector

  • Observe the legislation of the Russian Federation, international norms and rules;
  • Adhere to the norms of ethics and deontology, constantly raise the level of professional knowledge, skills, maintain their professional independence and realize the measure of responsibility for their actions, be truthful and objective;
  • Exclude actions related to the influence of any personal, property (financial) and other interests that interfere with conscientious performance of official duties;
  • Notify your immediate supervisor on all cases of treatment with a purpose of inciting to commit corrupt offenses;
  • Observe the norms of official, professional ethics and rules of business conduct;
  • Demonstrate tolerance and respect, not to give preference to any professional or social groups and organizations, be independent of the influence of individual citizens, professional or social groups and organizations;
  • Abstain from behavior that could cause doubt in the objective performance of duties by the inspector, avoid conflict situations that could damage their reputation or the reputation of the Inspectorate.