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Industry solidarity in training of pharmaceutical personnel

In October a project “Solidarity training program” was launched, as part of a joint program of facilitating the introduction of the best cases of good practices in the Russian pharmaceutical industry, initiated by FSI “SID & GP” and FARMASTRATEGIYA.

Under the conditions of modern world, which have prevailed in the last six months, uniting of joint efforts is not only important in the day-to-day life, but also at times of implementing common industry tasks, aimed at increasing the professional level of pharmaceutical specialists, development of the pharmaceutical industry  and, as a result, providing high quality life and protecting health of the patients.

In essence, these are the same webinars, conducted within the joint program, but organized with the support of a company-client, whose personnel constitute the core of the webinar participants. Company-client within the project implements the “open doors” principle, which allows all the pharmaceutical companies based in the Eurasian Union’s territory, to take part in the webinar on a non-reimbursable basis.

The pioneer in the project “Solidarity training program” has become Nativa company, which acted in its capacity as the partner in webinar “Transition to the Eurasian GMP rules. Risk-based approach in relation to investigation of deficiencies: legislative framework and regulatory expectations”, which was held on the 9th of October.

“We share and support the idea of the program’s initiators. Solidarity in the current complex situation – is crucial for the industry. Of course, we will continue to compete with each other, that’s the law of the market, and is important for upholding our vitality. However, there also common goals and tasks for the companies, and one of them – the increase of the competitiveness of our companies in the global market. The key aspect of the decision is the introduction of modern GMP standards into our practice and utilization of a risk-based approach. We welcome the opportunity to make another step in this direction together with our colleagues from the EAEU countries. We have a lot in common and it will be beneficial to exchange the expert opinion and share accumulated experience”, — explains the company’s decision on supporting the program Nativa’s Head of press section, Angelika Smieva.

Thanks to the implementation of the “open door” principle and an online format of the webinar,  tens of regional companies were given the opportunity to participate in the training, and thus, upping the level of a risk-based competency and level of understanding and accuracy of applying the EAEU GMP rules. All of it contributes to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, capacity building of the industry’s export potential and increase of its global competitiveness.

The initiative of Nativa company was picked up by Sunpharma company, which acted as a partner of the webinar, held on the 21st of October, “Transition to Eurasian GMP rules. Risk-based approach during the qualification of cold chain elements and validation of transportation: legislative framework and regulatory expectations”.

“As part of this program, till the end of  2020, 9  webinars on the topcial subjects of the GMP EAEU will  be held”,  – said Pharmstrategiya’s  Deputy director for training, Victoria Gortinskaya. – “Any company can become a partner of  “Solidarity training program” project, thereby showing industry solidarity and contributing to the achievement of common, and not exclusively intra-corporate interests”.

In the coming dates webinars will be held on the following topics:

To submit an application and clarify terms and conditions regarding the participation, please contact by phone +7 (985) 115-77-88 or e-mail gmp-seminars@pharmstg.ru

Information partners of webinars of FSI “SID & GP” and Pharmstrategiya are  Pharmatsevtichekiy vestnik, portals Medvestnik and GMP news.