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The third GLP-PLANET Conference to take place in St. Petersburg

Preclinical trials are one of the most important stages in the life cycle of a drug and actually represent a bridge between pharmaceutical development of a drug candidate and clinical trials. It is in the preclinical phase that a number of risks can be eliminated.



A well-designed preclinical research strategy, appropriately conducted trials, the use of relevant test systems and evaluation methods can optimise the registration process and reduce the risk of unexpected results in clinical use.

The GLP-PLANET conference has over the years established itself as a comfortable platform for an open dialogue between all parties involved in the process of drug development, efficacy and safety evaluation, as well as drug registration. Effective cooperation among specialists of pharmaceutical companies, testing centres and regulatory authorities allows to make joint decisions promptly, to share views and experiences and to optimise the process of introduction of drugs into commerce. The conference aims at disseminating knowledge and creating a unified information space in the field of good laboratory practice, framing a common strategy in the field of drug development and research, humane treatment of laboratory animals, training, and advancement of the industry.

GLP-PLANET III will take place at the St. Petersburg Hotel, 5/2 Pirogovskaya Naberzhnaya, St. Petersburg, Russia, during 30 June – 01 July 2022. The organizing committee has defined the main topics of the upcoming conference, which cover all aspects of preclinical research:

  • Session 1. Pharmacological experiment design Introduction of the ARRIVE principles to research centres
  • Session 2. COVID-19 research
  • Session 3. Zootechnics in a research centre
  • Session 4. Good practices: inconsistent standards or a continuous chain of events
  • Session 5. Reference ranges Normal parameters for laboratory animals
  • Session 6. Quality assurance for laboratories of various types
  • Session 7. Technological processes in preclinical development. A risk-based approach

Learn more about the conference https://conf-glp-planet.com/