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SID&GP Director took part in the meeting dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturing localization in the Ryazan region

On November 17, a meeting dedicated to the pharmaceutical manufacturing localization of the Swedish company Sobi was held at the “Skopinpharm” LLC site in the Ryazan region.

The meeting was attended by Svetlana Goryachkina, Deputy Prime Minister of the region, Vladislav Shestakov, Director of SID&GP, Inga Nizharadze, Head of “Skopinpharm” LLC, Yuri Zhulyov, President of the All-Russia Society of Hemophilia and heads of relevant Ministries.

The strategic partnership between the Swedish pharmaceutical company Sobi, which specializes in the drugs development to treat orphan diseases in the field of hematology and immunology, and the Russian plant “Skopinpharm” opens up new opportunities in supplying hemophilia patients. The localization of the new manufacturing will not only manufacture another innovative drug, but will also create additional job opportunities and make a significant contribution in the development of the region’s economy.

Director of State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, Vladislav Shestakov clarified that this year “Eloctate” was registered in Russia.

“Eloctate” – drug for patients with hemophilia treatment is part of the medicines reimbursement systems of 23 countries, including the UK, Germany, Canada and France, – stated Vladislav Shestakov. – Since this year, the drug has been registered in Russia as well, which provides for our patients with hemophilia an access to innovative and effective drugs, improves their quality of life”.

President of the All-Russia Society of Hemophilia, Yuri Zhulyov noted that thanks to this project doctors have an opportunity to treat patients with hemophilia more effectively.

“It is very important that one of the oldest Russian societies of haemophiliacs has been active in Ryazan region for many years. – said Yuri Zhulyov. – Now there will be even more chances for haemophiliacs to live full lives in the Ryazan region”.