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Reducing dependence on import of pharmaceutical raw materials for technological sovereignty of the country

Vladislav Shestakov, Director of the FSI “SID & GP” of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, spoke about the tools for ensuring the technological sovereignty of the country, at the Pharmtech & Ingredients annual international exhibition of equipment and raw materials for pharmaceutical production


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Director of the FSI “SID and GP” of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vladislav Shestakov proposed creating a consortium for the production of pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological raw materials to meet the needs of a number of related industries, in particular pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinary, agrochemical and others. Within such a consortium, especially when established in the form of a state corporation or with state aid, it is possible to efficiently solve the tasks of raising funds for developing the necessary manufacture and logistics infrastructure, as well as the tasks of planning the output of products in the required volumes and nomenclature.

“The promotion of the system-forming industries, such as the chemical industry, requires complex solutions. Without making decisions on specific financing mechanisms for the build-up of production infrastructure, as well as on the production and marketing planning system, it is impossible to address the issue of import dependence on the supply of necessary raw materials and consumables. Taking into account peculiarities of Russian budget legislation and the experience of implementing state programs, we come to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a specialized consortium for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials, with state participation or in the form of a state corporation,” Vladislav Shestakov said in his speech..

He highlighted the huge potential Russian manufacturers have for foreign markets and urged them to spotlight their developments and introduce those to the markets of Latin America, Asia, the African continent and Arab countries.

In addition, he spoke about the development of pharmaceutical engineering and the work of Russian engineers who are able to implement and solve the most challenging and ambitious tasks. The pharmaceutical engineering division of the FSI “SID & GP” of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has been working fruitfully, having implemented a large number of complex technological solutions, such as a joint project with Karpov Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Rosatom State Corporation for the development of modern pharmaceutical production of isotope medical products as well as a conceptual microbiological laboratory project for JSC “Organica” and others.

“The question arises: why, having all the capabilities for the manufacture of competitive medicines, we still think that we won’t be in demand abroad? Our companies need to believe in themselves! As they say, the one who really wants to do something will find a way. The one who doesn’t – will find an excuse. Now, the current global circumstances offer a great opportunity to expand our own boundaries,” Vladislav Shestakov concluded his speech.