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PharmaPharm: a community of experts was started at the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices

On 31 October, 2018, the first meeting of PharmaPharm representatives with its future active members was held. The community of experts has been started at FSI «SID & GP» of Minpromtorg of Russia, which provides invaluable expert support throughout the whole period of web-site development. Anna Plesovskikh, Managing Partner of PharmaPharm, for the first time gave a user presentation for experts with a detailed description of the functions, the system of expert reliance rating, and the options available for different categories of portal users.

Expert organizations participating in the joint pharmaceutical portal will have a special privileged position which will allow them to respond to questions form expert community members, render assistance in moderation of user engagement, and have free access to unique expert materials. The same rights will be possessed by regulators and pharmaceutical associations who are, by their status, are already recognized as experts within the pharmaceutical market.

«Inspectors of FSI «SID & GP» have a fundamental understanding of organization of pharmaceutical manufacture in Russia and abroad and are competent experts in GMP inspections. The pharmaceutical industry is very peculiar as it always has open questions which are difficult to answer in an unambiguous way. PharmaPharm is a great opportunity for every expert to present the views, openly bring up urgent topics, and regularly share the experience gained with the industry» said Nataliya Chadova, Head of Drug Manufacture Inspections and Expert Evaluation Administration of FSI «SID & GP» during the discussion.

When talking about the functions of the portal, representatives of FSI «SID & GP» learnt that other categories of portal users will have a rating system – depending on their engagement and the level of expert community reliance on the materials published, they get ratings making it possible to raise an expert’s grade at the portal and hereby grant access to new features of the web-site. The highest level is «PharmaPharm Guru» – it provides access to unique web-site materials and allows to directly ask questions to regulators and expert organizations.

Meeting members were particularly interested in the information about establishment of the PharmaPharm partnership network including industry publications and expert organizations. The materials recognized as the best ones by the expert community within the portal will vie for being published in other media, including those from the Higher Attestation Commission list, which will increase user engagement and accumulation of unique expertise.

«Currently, we are aimed at extension of the partnership network, out expert community to include regulators, with foreign representatives among them, local and global expert organizations, pharmaceutical associations, leading experts and industry mass media. Consequently, PharmaPharm should become a depository of sound, in-depth, customized information – the unique content, which will unite the entire pharmaceutical community and promote the growth of the industry on the whole» commented Anna Plesovskikh, Managing Partner of PharmaPharm.