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Participation in the seminar “Maintenance and calibration of equipment”

On May 29, 2018 in Moscow, in the office of Veropharm company, the Abbott group, a corporate seminar was held in the framework of the joint program to promote the introduction of best practices in the Russian pharmaceutical industry, the FSI “SID & GP” and the Pharmststrtegy company on the topic “Equipment Maintenance and calibration”.
More than 20 employees of Veropharm production branches from Volginsky, Belgorod and Voronezh took part in the seminar. As a result of the seminar, participants were involved in the issues of quality, mastering the practical meaning of the GMP standard in relation to the issues identified by the theme of the seminar.
Participants noted the practical focus of the seminar. Working with cases that reflected real production situations laid the groundwork for the application of lecture material in practice, ensuring the transfer of learning outcomes “from classroom to production”.
Thanks to the meeting of specialists from different production sites, horizontal communication was established in the context of production improvement, a system of quality risk management, staff competencies necessary for the further development of an effective quality management system were outlined.
You can get acquainted with the further program of seminars and take part in them by visiting www.goodpractices.ru , which provides an opportunity not only for companies but also for individual listeners to create a program of seminars for their needs, and for educational providers to participate in their implementation.