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N.A. Semashko Russian Pharmaceutical Forum: The principal platform for pharma networking is getting a new name

For the last 28 years, the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum has been the foremost platform for meeting of the entire pharmaceutical market of Russia and discussing the most topical and vexed issues of the pharmaceutical industry. The rich history of the Forum and the challenges the national medicine provision system is facing these days, have called the attention of the Forum organizers to the historical experience of structuring and forming a unique model of the national healthcare system built by Nikolai Semashko, a distinguished healthcare organizer.


Sustaining continuity, yet giving a fresh impetus to one of the most established industry events, the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, since 2022, will be named after the legendary healthcare organiser – Nikolai Semashko Forum.

The Semashko system concept rests on the centralized management, consolidated resources of state institutions, and the principle of overall accessibility to medical care and drugs for all citizens. Today, the national healthcare and pharmaceutical sector are enduring a period when the concept devised by the illustrious healthcare organiser and its key principle of unity in management and consolidated efforts of state institutions are becoming exceptionally topical.

This year, Nikolai Semashko Forum is taking place on May 17-18, 2022, in St.Petersburg. It is held with support of the FSI “State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices”, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The business programme of the Forum will touch upon vital issues the industry has to tackle in the reality of new sanctions.

  • How to form a pharmaceutical industry development strategy in the new normal?
  • What are the updates in the industry regulation and what supportive measures are additionally required?
  • What are the industry development trends under conditions of raw materials and component parts import phase-out?
  • How to safeguard the innovative potential against the backdrop of the drastic halt of investments in clinical trials?

On May 18, in commemoration of Nikolai Semashko, a special session on his contribution to the world healthcare advancement will be held.


The Forum’s speakers who you will be able to meet in-person and discuss topical issues to:

  • Mr. Sergei Glagolev, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Mr. Timofei Nizhegorodtsev, Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation
  • Mr. Dmitry Galkin, Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Mr. Vladislav Shestakov, Director, FSI “State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices”, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Ms. Valentina Kosenko, Director General, FSI “Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products”, Russian Ministry of Health
  • Ms. Olga Konstantinova, Deputy Director, FSI “Federal Centre for Planning and Management of Medicine Provision of Citizens”, Russian Ministry of Health
  • Mr. Ramil Khabriev, Scientific Supervisor, FSSI “N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health”
  • Mr. Vasily Ignatiev, Director General, R-Pharm
  • Mr. Pyotr Rodionov, Director General, Geropharm
  • Mr. Alexander Semyonov, President, shareholder, Active Component JSC
  • Mr. Denis Cherverikov, President, Akrikhin
  • Mr. Dmitry Pogrebinsky, Director General, Protek
  • Ms. Katerina Pogodina, Director General, Russia/CIS, Johnson & Johnson
  • Mr. Stephan Eder, Executive Vice President, Russia/CIS, STADA
  • Mr. Alexander Kuzin, Director General, Pharmacy Chain 36.6
  • Mr. Alexander FIlippov, Director General, Rigla
  • Ms. Lilia Titova, Executive Director, Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations
  • Mr. Vladimir Shipkov, Executive Director, AIPM, Russia
  • Mr. Viktor Dmitriev, Director General, Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Representatives of the Pharmstandard, Binnopharm Group, Geropharm, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Valenta Pharm, Ipsen, Alfasigma, Wörwag Pharma Russia, NovaMedica, the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies “Innovative Pharma”, Zdravcity, Rigla, Kontakt InterSearch Russia, Higher School of Economics, IQVIA, ProApteka, LifeScan, Self-regulatory organization
“Union of Dietary Supplements Producers”, ANO “National Research Centre for Expertise in the Field of Counteracting Illegal Trafficking in Industrial Products” (Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry), All-Russian Patients Association, Association of Independent Pharmacies, IRWIN, and others are there among the Forum speakers.
Why is it so important to join the Forum this year?

Representatives of regulatory authorities will share their vision of critical matters and speak about the government support measures.
100+ high-profile speakers will talk about anti-crisis strategies
Hot topic discussion: join the discussion and put your questions to the speakers directly
Plenty of informal networking opportunities on the sidelines of the Forum and at the long anticipated evening reception
Should you have any questions on the participation format, cost, and programme, please feel free to phone us +7 495 995-80-04 ext.1272 / +7 903 684-63-07; or e-mail e.pronenko@trinity-events.ru
See you in St. Petersburg in May at the N.A. Semashko Russian Pharmaceutical Forum!