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In June, 2018 SID&GP conducted the 1000th inspection of foreign medication manufacturers

Since April 2016, it has taken less than two years for Russian inspectors  to reach the benchmark of the 1000th inspection of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers. During this time our team have visited more than 70 countries, which include such countries as Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, the Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, and Japan.

«The luggage of our inspectors is full of ticket stubs from dozens of countries. In every corner of the world we have encountered a great many different and sometimes quite extraordinary moments. It’s a vast experience, both professional and personal. For the record, our inspectors are not only outstanding specialists, but also very creative people. They share impressions about their numerous trips in poems and stories, because inspection is not just a job for them, it is their way of living», shares Natalia Chadova, Head of the Pharmaceutical Inspections and Evaluation Department  of the Institite.

«I am proud of our talented team of inspectors, who have successfully handled an incredible amount of work for this period of time – they have conducted more than a thousand of inspections identifying the conditions of pharmaceutical manufacturing for the Russian Federation», points out Vladislav Shestakov, Director of  the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices. «We take a particular pride in the fact that for such a short period of time Russian inspectorate has become highly rated on the international scene. A national inspector can be distinguished by professionalism, assiduity, thoroughness, extensive expertise and a holistic approach,  our major advantage  is a simultaneous inspection of the production site and product oriented inspection. Our western colleagues point out that after the launching of Russian inspections the focus of expertise in international practice has shifted for high-quality inspection, which has had a positive impact on the image of Russian regulatory system in general».