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DIA conference took place in USA

DIA (Drug Information Association) 2019 Global Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, USA from 23rd to 27th of July 2019.

The representative of State Institute of Drugs and Practices (SID & GP)Tatiana Nikolko was invited to take part in the plenary session dedicated to “Recent CMC changes in Emerging Regulatory Authorities ” topic. The Deputy Head of Department on Drug Product Inspection and Expert Evaluation, SID & GP described foreign colleagues the current distribution of powers among the authorized bodies in the field of medicines circulation in Russia and provided up-to-date information on the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) single market of medicines. As well as that, the representative of Russian, State GMP Inspectorate also shared the information about international cooperation in the field of medicines, the status of Russia in PIC/S, the changes in pharmacopoeia requirements and prospects for harmonization in respect with international requirements.

The former inspector of the Chinese regulator, Chi-Wan Chen and the Head of the Department of the Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety of the Republic of Korea, YoungLim Kim took part in the session along with the representative of Russia. The 2019 Global Annual Meeting has brought together several thousand participants from all over the world.

For reference:

DIA – the global association of professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, medical devices, experts and regulatory bodies’ representatives with regard to worldwide medicines and healthcare.

The DIA was organized 50 years ago (since the Thalidomide occasion). First of all, the association was arranged to make a platform for the necessary worldwide communication and cooperation, opinions exchange, healthcare problem solving all over the world. Today, the science, healthcare and regulatory representatives from 80 countries are cooperating with DIA to make a dialogue with leaders of ideas in the matter of healthcare and improvement of human life over the globe.

The main purpose of DIA 2019 is to provide an access to the open global database on health issues, production and promotion of innovations in the new health products development, foster the international exchange of experience and knowledge and improve the health and well-being of people around the world.