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Center for economy and analysis

This activity is performed by the Department of drugs manufacturing’ inspection. All members of the Department went through studies based on several international programs of pharmaceutical inspectors’ training.

They have practical experience in GMP use and are engaged as experts into license checks of pharmaceutical enterprises conducted by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.

Specialists of the Institute are ready to do analysis and provide a report concerning interesting for a client state variables of Russian pharmaceutical market. Including:

  • selection of the most promising market segments;
  • evaluation of new products’ launch perspective;
  • providing assistance in potential partners’ pursuit, the most corresponding to client demands;
  • assistance to companies interested in Russia’s pharmaceutical market launch, (making informed decisions, evaluation of risks, fostering business-partners’ involving);
  • collection and analysis of information about drug manufacturers’ industrial capacity on the territory of Russia, including conformable with following parameters:
    • being a going concern;
    • certified in accordance with GMP;
    • are in technological conformity with client products’ manufacturing, assigned for localization on the territory of Russia.
  • providing with consolidated information on nomenclature and quantity of products being manufactured in market segments interesting for a client, including preparations at clinical research stage and in process of registration on the territory of Russia.

Specialists of FSI «SID and GP» conduct pursuit of drugs manufacturers on the territory of Russia having manufacturing sites, certified in accordance with GMP, able and willing to adopt manufacturing technology client’s products, as well as signing contracts on transfer of manufacturing technology, giving assistance in products manufacturing technology’ transfer on the territory of Russia and Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) with the aim of further manufacturing on the territory of Russia and distribution.

For information please contact:

Head of department

Raziya Solodova

+7 (495) 676-43-60 (ext. 3821, 3822)